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Remote Work Series | Janice Trodella

How to Thrive When You’re Working Remotely

For many of us growing up, there was no question that we would one day work in an office. How else were you possibly going to get your work done if you weren’t physically located in a space with all of your colleagues? However, as the past several years have shown, work can be done just as efficiently and effectively from your home. Before taking the leap from office to remote work, there are certain things to know and be aware of to make working-from-home, work for you.

At Recruitomics Consulting, we’ve always worked remotely. So who better to ask for work-from-home tips than our very own team? In this series, our colleagues will tell you a little bit about themselves and share their top three tips for thriving while working from home. 


Janice Trodella, Senior Manager, Head of Communications at Recruitomics Consulting

How long have you been at Recruitomics? I recently celebrated my fourth anniversary at Recruitomics. I started as a Communication Specialist and became the Senior Manager, Head of Communications in 2021. 

What is your role at Recruitomics? I am the Senior Manager, Head of Communications. I oversee the communications team and collaborate with various departments across the company. Our team ensures candidates have the best experience during their recruiting/interviewing process.

Have you previously held a work-from-home/remote position? Yes, I have. As a matter of fact, working from home was first known to me as telecommuting. I had to take several steps before I was granted this opportunity. I had to ask for permission, complete paperwork (that was not done online), and justify how working from home would benefit the company, not me. Needless to say, working from home has come a long way from the days of telecommuting.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over time on how to make the most out of working from home:

  • Set your room temperature
    • You are in complete control of the room temperature when you work from home, unlike when you are in an office environment. So, take advantage of that and set the temperature to your liking. For me, I prefer cool, fresh air. Although I live in the northeast, where it can get bitterly cold, I open my windows as often as possible!  
  • Prepare your food 
    • Similar to when I worked in an office, I set aside time the night before to prepare my breakfast, snack, and lunch. This helps me stay energized throughout the day and not grab cookies or chips, which can be dangerous. 
  • Enjoy not having to commute to an office 
    • If you’ve ever had to commute to work, you know the valuable time that was lost. So, use the “extra” time to do the things that benefit you. I now take that time to do some house chores, go to the post office (since it’s closed by the time I finish working), grab a coffee at my favorite coffee shop, or call a friend whom I haven’t spoken to in a while before I start my workday. The bottom line is to do something that helps you achieve a good work-life balance.  


Janice Trodella is a Senior Manager, Head of Communications at Recruitomics. She lives in New Hampshire with her family. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, doing jigsaw puzzles, and cheering on all of her favorite sports teams, especially the Boston Bruins. You can connect with Janice on LinkedIn here.

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