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Remote Work Series | Fabiola Sanchez

How to Thrive When You’re Working Remotely

For many of us growing up, there was no question that we would one day work in an office. How else were you possibly going to get your work done if you weren’t physically located in a space with all of your colleagues? However, as the past several years have shown, work can be done just as efficiently and effectively from your home. Before taking the leap from office to remote work, there are certain things to know and be aware of to make working-from-home work for you.

At Recruitomics Consulting, we’ve always worked remotely. So who better to ask for work-from-home tips than our very own team? In this series, our colleagues will tell you a little bit about themselves and share their top three tips for thriving while working from home. 

Fabiola Sanchez: Human Resources Specialist I at Recruitomics Consulting

How long have you been at Recruitomics? I have been at Recruitomics for a year and it's been pretty amazing. I started out in the Communications department in 2021 and moved into the HR department in 2022.

What is your role at Recruitomics? I manage administrative functions related to employee engagement, hiring, D.E.I programs, internal scheduling, and designing workflows and procedures. I assist all internal departments with onboarding, benefits, and performance inquiries. I also plan our happy hour events, prepare and send company announcements, and assist with our monthly newsletters and social media posts.

Have you previously held a work-from-home/remote position? When covid first started my in-office job became a remote role, and after that, I worked as a remote customer service representative for a retail company. 

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over time on how to make the most out of working from home:

  • Take breaks!
    • Leave your computer alone during all breaks! It is important that you truly disconnect and give your eyes and mind a rest during your breaks. 
  • Get comfy!
    • Have a comfortable chair! Make sure it has lumbar support, a headrest, and arms that can move and accommodate you and your desk as well. A standing desk, if possible, is also another great addition to your remote office!
  • Stretch! 
    • Because we sit so much during the day, not only at work but just in general, you want to make sure you stretch at least a few times during the day. A 5-minute stretch can do wonders for you. 

Fabiola is the Human Resources Specialist I at Recruitomics. She is an avid gamer and pop culture enthusiast who loves all things Kpop. She also loves hanging out with her family and friends and going to the movies. You can connect with Fabiola on LinkedIn here.

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