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What Does our Funny Name Mean, Anyway?

Have you ever wondered where we got our name?

We are scientists, first and foremost. We also happen to be recruiters. When founding the company, I wanted to take a very scientific approach to recruiting by studying what works and does not work for the biotech industry.

The suffix 'omics' simply means the complete and systematic study of a specific field. You may have heard the terms 'genomics' or 'metabolomics' or 'proteomics' from your job descriptions or scientists. Other fields us ‘omics too, like economics!

Recruitomics is, therefore, the study of recruiting and all of its components and parts. We love to apply the scientific method to recruiting, allowing us to discover new pools of talent through publications or redefine job descriptions using analytics. In short, we never stopped being scientists, we just now apply science to a new field!