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An Overview of our Candidate Experience

Your Candidate Experience

Have you ever submitted an application only to wonder whether it has been received or even reviewed? Well, I want to share what goes on behind the scenes at Recruitomics and how we strive to ensure that you have a positive candidate experience and connection throughout all stages of the hiring process.

Receiving your application

Your application is one of the hundreds of applications we receive daily. However, we treat your application as if it is the only application we have received. Once we get your application, we send you a confirmation stating that we have received it, and we’ll review it at the earliest opportunity. We also give you the option of replying back to us with any questions or concerns.

Reviewing your application

We understand that your time is valuable, so we aim to review your application as quickly as possible. If you are a good match for the role, we’ll communicate next steps, which includes the possibility of scheduling a brief informational call with one of our scientific recruiters. If by chance, you have applied for a specific role that is not a good match, we’ll review all of our job openings and see if there’s another role that is better suited for you. We may not send you a closeout message because during your application stage we use the confirmation email to indicate that we will contact you only if your application is a fit. Unfortunately, it would either be cost-prohibitive (personalized emails) or highly impersonal and error-prone (mass emails) to communicate bad news to each applicant, but please rest assured that you are being actively considered for other roles and may receive a note for another role in the near future!

Learning about you and your background

Now that we’ve had the chance to review your application, we’d like to get to learn more about your experience as well as tell you more about the specific company. This is usually a 30-minute discussion between you and a scientific recruiter, and it’s meant to serve as a two-way conversation. Once the conversation ends, your scientific recruiter will establish next steps. Next steps can include sharing your information with the hiring manager, seeing if there is another role better suited for you, or in the unfortunate case, letting you know that we did not select you for further consideration. Again, we intend to update you directly so that you feel like you are being kept in the loop. In addition, we want to maintain the existing relationship, so we will continue to reach out to you with future opportunities.

Sharing your information with the hiring manager

Once the scientific recruiter has determined that your background is a good match, they will share your information with the hiring manager. The hiring manager will decide whether or not they would like to move forward with next steps. Next steps can include a telephone call, coffee meeting, or a video conference. Per our standards, we’ll continue to keep you updated on the process so that you do not feel that you are left in the dark.

Reaching out to you to schedule a chat with the hiring manager

When the hiring manager has decided to move forward with next steps. We’ll send you an email offering you a telephone call, coffee meeting, or a video conference with the hiring manager. We’ll schedule the chat for you and provide you with the date and time for your conversation.

Interview process

Depending on the client, we will also follow you through the interview process, gathering feedback and answering questions along the way. If we are not involved with interviews for a given client, we will communicate that to you. However, we are always happy to answer questions, so if you are ever confused or want an update, we will work with our clients to answer your questions. Ultimately, we hope to work with our candidates for years to come, so the candidate experience is very important. Even when candidates don’t get the job, they often say what a nice experience they’ve had along the way.